Sunday, September 26, 2010

mobile uploads : part 4 (the end ... for now... promise)

glove balloons from the dentist.

chocolate mustache

mark in the rain

addie taking a picture of callie and callie taking a picture of addie.

huge egg

i see you.

pretty fabric at joannes. my good friend made curtains out of it. so awesome.

night reading.

mark asleep at the table.

and thats all the phone pics i have for now friends. i think i will do this more often though... maybe post all of my new pictures once a week. they make me happy and have good memories attached.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

mobile uploads : part 3

girls in glasses

trying to grow out my bangs. wondering if i should just chop them.

addie holding pearl.

addie and callie and friends in the tornado simulator at the mall.
plain hilarious.

not so hilarious, sick kiddos. asleep all day.
(they arent sick now, this was when they were sick a few weeks ago)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mobile uploads : part 2 : daddies softball game

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

mobile uploads : part 1

time flies. life is busy. and before i know it i haven't blogged in 2 weeks. not to mention i've been pretty bad about picking my camera up. but i do always have my phone on hand. the pictures aren't good quality, but boy are they entertaining. so with all that being said, im going to share some of my favorite phone pics for a few days. here we go,

walker in big boots. i found these boots at a garage sale for $2! he will grow into them.

why do my kids have a fascination with cutting hair!? callie cut this big chunk right out of the front. lovely.

the mosquito's love addie. she had 2 other bites this same size. we tell her she has sweet blood.
and there is callie in the back, reading books, as always. :)

silly girls ready for bed.

walkers waffle head from the pack and play crib at my moms.

thats all for today,

see you tomorrow! xo

Thursday, September 9, 2010

camping... kind of.

this summer my parents took their camp trailer out to the spot that we would camp at growing up. it is lush and green with a tiny stream that we would keep our watermelons cool in. when we were little me and my brothers would play barbies (i know, i know, thats what they get for having an older sister) and push them in a little boat down the stream. it is so fun to go back to that same spot with my kids. we drove out for the evening for foil dinners and adventure.

i showed addie the things i would do as a child out in those woods. we found a stick for a baby and a big leaf for her blanket. a cut off tree stump worked as the bed. she stirred leaves for the babies dinner.  she had so much fun holding the lantern when the sun went down. what a simple pleasure.

callie wanted to sit and observe. she watched the men start a fire. she was excited for the yummy hot dogs and smores.

uncle kevin took the girls on a little hike/walk. he took them up the hill to the high rocks and peered over the edge. i almost had a heart attack. but they LOVED that! uncle kevo is so much fun.

addie 5. cousin ellery 2. callie 3

o how i wanted to stay and not go home. i love the woods. i love the cool air. do you blame me?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

so, do you believe in luck?

:: 4 leaf clover found while out "camping" in the arizona mountains ::

more on our camping adventure later.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

all things pretty

im so excited to share the info about my next boutique. partly because its such an amazing event and mostly because i put so much work into some pretty and dapper items for your enjoyment.
i love all these images of the product i have available, so im just sharing it all with you.

ahhh... wasnt that fun!? and would you believe me when i tell you, its so much better in person!?
if you live in the phoenix/mesa/gilbert area, do come to this wonderful event. im sharing a booth with some pretty talented gals, its going to be such fun!

here is all the info...
(click to see larger image)
i cant wait to see you there!
happy boutiquing!

ps. i was on the beauty mark. see. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

guess where we are.........

 :: the drive to mimi and papas ::

its a 3 day weekend, and my kids are over their sickness!!! YAY! so can you blame us that we packed our bags and headed for the mountains? we did. the wild flowers were amazing on the way, and it rained right when we pulled in the drive. perfect welcoming. we have some fun things planned, lets hope we get to do all of it. im so excited to relax and take in the beauty.

happy friday to you all! xo