Thursday, September 23, 2010

mobile uploads : part 3

girls in glasses

trying to grow out my bangs. wondering if i should just chop them.

addie holding pearl.

addie and callie and friends in the tornado simulator at the mall.
plain hilarious.

not so hilarious, sick kiddos. asleep all day.
(they arent sick now, this was when they were sick a few weeks ago)


Chels said...

love the sick house shot!
adore the tornado simulator. (we have that here too)
my fav is the sunglass pics.
I like your hair with the longer bang. :) like it is. Maybe dont grow them all the way out, just do the side sweep? its pretty!

Traci said...

love the girls in those sunglasses! haha. & I saw that simulator at the mall haha