Tuesday, September 7, 2010

all things pretty

im so excited to share the info about my next boutique. partly because its such an amazing event and mostly because i put so much work into some pretty and dapper items for your enjoyment.
i love all these images of the product i have available, so im just sharing it all with you.

ahhh... wasnt that fun!? and would you believe me when i tell you, its so much better in person!?
if you live in the phoenix/mesa/gilbert area, do come to this wonderful event. im sharing a booth with some pretty talented gals, its going to be such fun!

here is all the info...
(click to see larger image)
i cant wait to see you there!
happy boutiquing!

ps. i was on the beauty mark. see. :)


mimi2five said...

oh how I want to be there!! You have worked so hard to make everything special for all who come to look and/or buy! I LOVED it last year and sure wish I could come and browse around this year. Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll be able to transport myself down there in Star Trek fashion. Beam me up Scotty! :) ha ha love ya! mom

Natalie said...

I totally didnt realize that this was going on this weekend! Hello! I was in Gilbert today most of the day (for a very frusterating doctors appt!) and TOTALLY would LOVED to have come down and seen you! Dang it! If I get super motivated tomorrow...and my house gets cleaned...maybe I can drive out again! I hope you are having fun and selling lots of stuff! Its all wonderful!

Chels said...

I hope you sold out!
and if you didn't esty will for you!
loves. me.