Saturday, November 29, 2008

gingerbread (graham cracker) houses

this was the first ginger bread house i have ever made. it was so fun and entertained us for almost two hours. we had so much fun making these little cottages. i think we have ourselves a new tradition.

its all in the details....

callies new "smile!" face. she didnt eat any dinner because of all the candy in her jolly little stomach.

a very proud addie. hers had a river, (papa said it was a slip n slide) a large mallow window on the back, and a googly eyed snowman.

Friday, November 28, 2008

giving thanks

Today we drove up to Show Low to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mimi and Papa. ( to stop confusion, we celebrated the day after due to siblings visiting in- laws and other family working.) Mark had to work Thanksgiving,( and Christmas and New Years, ug) so i packed the van again with what seemed like the whole house and all our possessions. I included new movies checked out from the library, and candy/snacks to keep them entertained. didnt work. I do not like to drive alone with my girls for long distances, it is just horrible. someone always throws up, there is always screaming and crying and whining. This trip it started with Addie sticking a jelly belly up her nose. you think she would have learned from this time and a time after that when i had to take her to the urgent care. there was screaming and crying and whining, of course. sigh. i used the bobby pin trick and out it came, and on our way we went. callie started to get fussy and anxious. i had a headache and gave her a sucker to keep her quiet. she got it stuck in her hair, which made her scream,cry and whine even more.
finally we made it over the river and through the woods to mimi and papas house.
we were greeted with food cooking in the oven. at that moment it felt like the season of thanks and giving. we cleaned up, much needed after that long ride.

Great Mimi and Papa where there.


the kids table. lots of banging forks, dancing, singing, not alot of eating. the fun table.

all of the adults were sitting around talking about Christmas and shopping and presents and santa. we didnt realize we had a peeping tom sitting under the table listening to every word. it was her fort she said. great hiding place.

giving thanks for many things this year. little things, but they are big things at the same time.
my families health, and safety. marks job, horrible hours and time consuming, but he has a job. our home, though it may not be decorated and we have hand-me-down furniture we have the space we need, and it is a place we call home. my kids. they are trying at times, but oh they are sweet, imaginative, silly, full of personality and smart. they are healthy. we have so much.
happy thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a bunch of hullaballoo

i should be packing, making pies, cleaning my kitchen, doing laundry, getting picture outfits ready, and a whole lot of other stuff. instead i will tell you all the unimportant details of the last few days.
the girls and i ventured out to the thrift store yesterday, on our way home we came across this house,,,,,,

WOW! these dont even do this place justice. i have been driving by this place for years, ( on the way to the in laws) and it have been like this every time! you cant even see the house. incredible. people are nuts! now that i got that really piece of unneeded info out of the way, on to the next.
i came home and changed into my "after giving birth mu mu". i still wear it, it seriously comfy.
addie watched the polar express twice while i surfed the net for some Christmas gifts. very unproductive. i found some stocking stuffers and some bakers twine for wrapping that i have wanted to get my hands on. i am so clueless as to what i am getting my girls for Christmas. so clueless. i still have time right?
i still need to put that laundry away in the background too. later, later.

today we woke up to rain, and addie cried because she wanted to go to the park. i came up with a diversion , library instead. saved the day. mark took the girls to the library while i went to the store and got some last minute groceries for thanksgiving. we came home and had nuggets and did some thanksgiving crafts that i have been promising addie we would do for the last two weeks.

[addie showing turkey
[callie saying " uh ohh" to the green marker she just nailed mark in the forehead with.
[mark thinking, "are you kidding me"
[me saying " they are washable"

i am going here this weekend to fill the silence.
have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

out takes of callie, both silly and sweet

ahh, she is going to hate me someday!
* we are home. to the hot and dusty desert. but as much as i would love to live elsewhere, it always feels good to be back here in the valley of the sun. its familiar. i dont like change. Its comforting. its home. i plan on laying low and not stressing this week. seriously need to be thinking of Christmas gifts. last year i waited till the last min and missed out on alot of fun things i wanted to do because i was stressed. not this year. care free is the road im takin.
who isnt excited for turkey day! the crafty crow has some great crafts to keep your kiddos busy while you are busy in the kitchen.
and by the way, for the record of everyone posting about this, i loved "the movie"! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

got my anthro mag in the mail

and every page makes my heart pitter pat.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

whadya know! it is fall!

while the high in Mesa is 87 degrees on this mid November day, here in the mountains it is chilly and brisk. the leaves are golden. the smell of wood burning is in the air. i havent taken my sweater off today. it reassures me that it REALLY is fall.

my girls love to find "treasures" when we come to mimis and papas house. they fill up their brown paper bags full of pine needles, cones, rocks, leaves, sticks. it keeps them busy and they get to feel, see, and smell nature.

holding on

it really is fall!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

buy handmade

my friend is letting me add some of my things to her booth at the Berry Merry Boutique in Show Low this next week. lets make it a handmade Christmas!

**if you dont live in the Show Low area, or aren't able to make it to the boutique, and are interested in any of these items, let me know and we can work something out.

reversible headbands.....

lap or baby blanket....


and my favorite, earrings.........

i have double of most of these.

banner/ bunting......
great to hang in a window,in a craft room, in a girls room above a bed or bring it our for special occasions as birthdays or holidays.

have a most fabulous weekend. i am off the mountains for the week. will update soon with hopefully some snow pictures!
ta ta!