Friday, November 14, 2008

some serious bed head

thats all! :)


Lindsey said...

oh my gosh... this picture is too funny, how CUTE!

jes said...

haha, love it.
the carousel looks like such fun! cute pictures too!
wow, i loved his talk. i too felt it was right at me. amazing huh?! we certainly are a blessed people..

Eric and Addie said...

oh my heck that is so funny, i actually laughed out loud. looks like they got a good nights rest for sure.
i wanted to tell without to much detail, i hear ya on the depression thing. it is something that i have suffered with for sometime. i love it when people share it helps others feel so not alone and know there is someone they can talk to and relate with. i wish you lived in gilbert, if your ever in the area with some time come over, i would love it:) you can tell me how you function.

tatum said...

he he! so cute! They are definitely sisters!