Wednesday, November 5, 2008

forcing fall, and other posts all put into one

i have been a blog slacker. really slackin. havent quite had the motivation. i have been staying busy though at home. i think the change in seasons does that to me.
:: i have lost 10 lbs total. its been hard. really hard, but worth it. i am not so uncomfortable in my clothes and i dont get frustrated in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. just taking each day at a time.
:: i have been working on some things for the berry merry boutique. these lovely ladies have let me put some things in their booth. i will post some sneak peeks of what i have been working on later. if you live in the white mountains, be sure to stop by. there will a lot of beautiful things.
:: i have been cooking. since the weather is nice and my house stays cool i have been getting that thing in my ear that is calling me to the kitchen to take out a pot. not good for loosing weight though. i love having my little helpers in the kitchen with our aprons on. they love to help, pour, stir and play of course. i am simmering a a pot of apples ( i bought a 38 lb box, what was i thinking!) for applesauce. the smell is filling my house. its grand. seriously, not great, grand! :) yesterday i made the yummiest pie, first one ever that turned out edible.

and homemade chicken soup, with homemade noodles. i used kelly mccalebs recipe. so good. so fallish.

this picture is a classic. i thought it was funny. mark telling addie to eat 2 more bites. and callies face, she wanted ice instead of dinner.

which brings me to where the "forcing fall" comes in. it is still not fall weather outside. cooler, but not cool enough. so i am doing all these things to make it feel like it is. like snuggling with my kids in blankets till we are both sweating and feel claustrophobic!

i am writing this happy cheerful post for a reason. (believe me it isnt always so cheerful around these parts.) well, because i am so upset about the election. this post is to cheer me up. i swore i wasnt going to say anything, but i am really sick about it. i am trying not to think of the future and the possibilities it might hold, but i am trying to hold dear the reminder that i still have my faith and that we still have a leader of the church to counsel us. how thankful i am for that comfort. ok, thats all i am going to say about that! :)
everyone have a splendid day!
i am aware that i havent taken many pictures of my little girls recently. i think i will have to share more of them and their little selves.
ta ta!


Lindsey said...

Congratulations on the weight lost!!!!All your food looks yummy, wish I knew how to cook better.

P.S. I am upset about the election too... I don't know why I am so upset/passionate about it, I have been biting my lip all day!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog :)
If you want colder weather you are more than welcome to come visit me :)

Lexi said...

Congrats on 10 lbs! I wish I could lost my last 20 :( I can never find the motivation during the fall time. I understand forcing fall. I used to do that in AZ too. Thankfully, I don't have to do that anymore. As for the election, you are right, the most important thing is that we have the Lord to guide us.

tatum said...

I am so bummed about the election as well!

You look great!

I can't believe you made that pie! That is magazine worthy!