Friday, November 7, 2008

thursday night entertainment

they were a little too hyped up for bedtime. i let her burn off some steam. they were being so silly. you will hear my weird voice, why does it always sound different and weird on video?(marks voice is in it too, just so you dont think i sound too much like a man! :) ), and yes i do say, " oh my land!", i am strange like that. addie uses her foot as a microphone, and there are a few bonks of the head. i get a little knocked out at the end. enjoy.



Just The Two Of Us said...

So cute!! Addie is so YOU!! Both your girls are so adorable. You're a lucky mama!
PS-you don't sound like a man. ;)

tatum said...

So funny! Callie was lying so still on the bed at first I didn't even know she was there.

What silly girls! I love the very last part!

Jessica said...

ya tatum. after watching it again, that is kinda freaky, she looks like a doll rising from the dead. freaky. but a cute doll i might add! :)

Eric and Addie said...

that was so funny, i didn't even see your baby until addie climbed down the first time. girls are so sweet, she might be silly like that at home but i bet she is so shy in public unlike boys who are silly all of the time. your girls are cute little gals for sure.

{Ashley B} said...

cute video! addie is an energetic little woman it would seem.
oh yes i love that shop too and have been visiting daily just to oogle at everything. so happy to get to give some of the cute things away! good luck!

Suzanne said...

I had to check out your blog after all the fun things Launi said about it. You take some amazing pictures!!! Your girls are so cute!!!
It was fun meeting you at the cooking class the other night (I am Suzanne, the one with the red hair).

Dallas and Natalie Turley said...

Looks like fun!!

Hey I would love to come and see you sometime during my break..(1 more week)!!
I haven't seen you guys in forever!

Lexi said...

this was cute. it was fun to see a video!