Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a bunch of hullaballoo

i should be packing, making pies, cleaning my kitchen, doing laundry, getting picture outfits ready, and a whole lot of other stuff. instead i will tell you all the unimportant details of the last few days.
the girls and i ventured out to the thrift store yesterday, on our way home we came across this house,,,,,,

WOW! these dont even do this place justice. i have been driving by this place for years, ( on the way to the in laws) and it have been like this every time! you cant even see the house. incredible. people are nuts! now that i got that really piece of unneeded info out of the way, on to the next.
i came home and changed into my "after giving birth mu mu". i still wear it, it seriously comfy.
addie watched the polar express twice while i surfed the net for some Christmas gifts. very unproductive. i found some stocking stuffers and some bakers twine for wrapping that i have wanted to get my hands on. i am so clueless as to what i am getting my girls for Christmas. so clueless. i still have time right?
i still need to put that laundry away in the background too. later, later.

today we woke up to rain, and addie cried because she wanted to go to the park. i came up with a diversion , library instead. saved the day. mark took the girls to the library while i went to the store and got some last minute groceries for thanksgiving. we came home and had nuggets and did some thanksgiving crafts that i have been promising addie we would do for the last two weeks.

[addie showing turkey
[callie saying " uh ohh" to the green marker she just nailed mark in the forehead with.
[mark thinking, "are you kidding me"
[me saying " they are washable"

i am going here this weekend to fill the silence.
have a wonderful thanksgiving!


Lexi said...

this sounds almost exactly like my day today, only we are entertaining friends at the same day for their last week here before they move onto bigger and better colorado on Friday.

tatum said...

That house is amazing. I am sure it is the cleanest house in AZ. I mean if they have all that on the outside... I'm dying to see the inside! That house needs to be on HGTV!

I miss you! Hurry back from S.L. It has been too long since I've seen you. Happy Thanksgiving darling!...(hehe)

Erin said...

That house is insane. Why. Why? I don't get it. That last picture with all of the captions is awesome. I love it. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!