Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HapPy HaLlowEeN!!!

since i want to pass candy out tonight, we went to a trunk r treat party last night.

if you cant tell.... mark and i are the farmers, addie is the chicken and callie is the egg!

we stole the farmer part from tatum!! :o)

on our way to the party my darling daughter stuck candy up her nose!!!

we had to pull over. thankfully i had a bobbypin in my purse(and the camera..ha). after about 5 or so min. of digging and screaming and holding her down we got it out! thank goodness!

it was Halloween candy, so we can call it BOOgers! :o) this girl of mine has a fasination with sticking things up her nose! not too long ago, we were eating lunch and she pulled a rock out of her nose! i dont know how long it was up there! hopefully she learned her leason that it will hurt if she sticks something up there again! oh the joys!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


Blake & Andrea said...

You guys look so cute, what a fun idea - Ashlyn is going to be a ladybug and I don't think Blake and I will dress up... I have a hard time coming up with a fun/comfy costume! Glad the candy came out of her nose - kind of scary.

tatum said...

So cute! What a cute family!! I love that little egg. So glad Addie got that candy out of her nose! She is so lucky. Lots of fun today!! I am worn out......

The Broomall Family said...

Well that looks like tons of fun! You guys look so cute! I love the whole theme! And your Halloween decor is very cute! You will have to share some of your talent with me! Looks like you had fun...glad the nose situation worked out!

Lexi said...

What darling picturse. I can not believe Addie got that candy up her nose! I am so glad you got it out though, that could have been a real pain.