Saturday, October 27, 2007

Snepf Farm

We had so much fun at Shnepf farm! Addie loved it! We cant wait for next year!!! So much fun! Enjoy!!

My precious
Callie O Mallie
(as i call her)!!!!

Addie loved this adorable little playhouse! Very fun! ( hint hint Mark)!!!! :o)

Addie got to ride this horse! She loved it! Which i was VERY suprised because she did not like the petting zoo and would not touch the goats! But.....

She will ride a horse!!!! ??????

She led us through the corn maze and would say... this way! and point the way!
This wore her out!

We road these pedal race cars. You pedal them like a bike and can stear. The track road around in and out of trees! Very fun! Glad i have a buff husband! He pedaled all 4 of us up and down hills!!!!


Lexi said...

This is a cute picture! I love your template by the way. It is so nice!

The Van Fam said...

Yay for more pictures! I miss you girl!

Gledwood said...
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tatum said...

Looks like you guys had a great time too. We loved it!! You got some great pictures and some cute kids too!

Olgaf said...

Hey! I was wondering what happend to you! I love your blog! OMG your babies are getting so big. I cant believe what a big girl Addie is now. And the baby is just so cute! You have to bring her in so we can see her. I will keep looking in here to see what you are doing. I miss you on myspace.