Sunday, October 28, 2007


We went to the zoo on Fri. Thanks mom for the tickets! It was a warm day, but worth the trip!Tatum and Kyle and their girls, Peyton and Chloe, went with us! Our girls had so much fun!

Gal Pals

Love the flamingos!

Tatum and Callie! So cute!

I love pumkin pictures! can ya tell??

daddy and his girls

Meant to be a COWGIRL!!


Lexi said...

Callie looks so big! I can't believe it.

tatum said...

Oh gross! Posting that picture of me!!!

The Claridges said...

Well hello there! I have tried to leave this comment 4 times! I love technology...NOT!%$*@# anyways sorry for that! Your little girls are so cute! It's good to know you are still well...i havent heard from you since Julie Brookbank's wedding! Mercy. Hey remember the time we painted my room and you painted your face and put a butt crack on it! Ah that was hilarious. Keep in touch! Danica