Tuesday, May 18, 2010

20 + years down the road

the husband and i like talk about our future and what it could hold. we share dreams of living on a very large piece of land in the the south. possibly have a cow and chickens, and a white fence with a porch and a cute mailbox under a willow tree. after a recent trip to a local plant nursery, i was drawn to the beauty and smell of the flowers. we talked about maybe owning a little bed and breakfast of our own with a nursery next door. there would be daffodils, roses, herbs, sunflowers, tulips, poppies, lavender, lillys, daisies, snap dragons, cockle shells, ivy.... the list goes on and on. mark could take care of the nursery and the bed and breakfast grounds. i could be inside making peach and blueberry banana muffins, crepes, and farm fresh scrambled eggs with bacon. i can picture it all in my mind.
it would be wonderful... dont you think?
. maybe someday :)


Lexi said...

sounded so blissful until you mentioned all the baking lol... i hate cooking. I have dreams of living on large land too... like my grandmas when we were kids, but Dave doesn't share the same dream lol, one day we will see who wins, but for me, it wouldn't be in the south, probably the midwest living the simple life

andrea said...

Oh I so feel that. Devin always talks about building a huge greenhouse, we could all live together!! :)