Saturday, August 21, 2010

addie turned 5 years old today!

addie, i love you. i will always love you. you are one special girl, and im so glad you are in our family.
we had a great day today. i looked at you today, and watched you play. i thought to myself that you have only been on this earth 5 short years, but you know so much. you have so much faith and trust. you are growing right before my eyes. im so proud of you. you are such a great helper to me, around the house & with walker and callie. i hope that we can always be close. i want you to know i will always be there for you. i want you to know you are so loved. i am always cheering you on.

i read the passage in my journal about when you were born. here is a little part of what i wrote:

Thursday September 8, 2005

Addie Leeann was born on August 21st 2005 at 12:43 pm!

"...........all i remember is hearing her cry and they put her on my chest. All the noise was tuned out. I didnt hear a thing. She was beautiful! I kissed her on the head and the tears poured. My heart pounded. they took her across the room and I starred at Mark. His eyes teared up and he kissed me. It was a special moment, we had a family. She was perfect!............."

you are perfect addie. just the way you are. i love everything about you that makes you you.
Happy Birthday my big girl!
i love you, a bushel and  a peck.
hugs and kisses,


Chels said...

ok, this brought tears to my eyes.
your journal passage was beautifully written.
happy birthday addie!

mimi2five said...

Addie, you are the 1st jewel in our crown of grandchildren and what a beautiful jewel you are! I LOVE your smile! We are so blessed that Heavenly Father let you come to our family!!! Love you so much!

Lorianne said...

So Beautiful Jessica! I LOVE IT!!! I adore you and your blog! :)