Friday, February 27, 2009

where the garden will reside

mark and his dad worked on this planter on monday and tuesday. his dad showed him the ropes of masonry work, working with the concrete and laying the brick. he did such a good job. i am so proud of him. we need to stain it and get the soil ready. hopefully by next week we can plant.

this has really motivated me. i cant wait to see it overflowing with green plants.(im not going to get my hopes up)

the little "helpers" fell over in the wheelbarrow. it seems it didnt bother them any, they hopped right back in to pretend they were pirates at sea.

are you planting a garden this year? you should!! even if its a little basil in a planter box, lets do it together! :)


Julz said...

Count me in! I wanted to plant one last year but I never did so this year I am determined.

{ashley b} said...

how exciting! i am doing a garden this year for sure. we just have to wait a little longer to get the soil going. the ground is still pretty frozen around here. :) can't wait to see all your leafy greens.

Andrea and Blake said...

looks great, just some advice from someone whose been there - we planted our garden just like you (next to the cinder block wall) and anything that grew above a foot high was burnt by the heat coming off the wall. Don't plant corn, our peas did good, carrots, and cucumber. Happy gardening, it's fun eating home grown goods. YUM

.taralee. said...

I got my earings!! I love, love....LOVE them. Thank you so much!

Congrats on the garden. Someday I'll have one.