Saturday, February 28, 2009

a tea party

we were invited to the most wonderful tea party by this lovely hostess. she greeted us wearing a lovely handmade dress made of thrifted vintage fabrics, amazing. she had an apron tied around her waist and there was great old fashioned music playing in the background. i thought i had gone back in time to the 40s. it was wonderful!

we gathered out back for some tea and chatting. the girls enjoyed sweet treats and lemonade under a shady tree. i imagined this is probably how they gathered way back when. is was so relaxing and such a beautiful sight.

thank you Beth, for such a wonderful time and an relaxing,
beautiful afternoon. see more of our tea party and more of the lovely beth at her blog,


andrea said...

How captured it so well! I hope this weather lasts, I can not tell you how much I am dreading the heat. We'll have to come up with some fun. :)

Beth said...

We were so happy to have you! And we love love love the hair clips! Great pics, you did capture it so well! :)

Ashley said...

How pretty! That looks like a beautiful afternoon!