Wednesday, February 18, 2009

goulashes and my thoughts

i love that word:) goulashes. it sounds happy. we pulled ours out, even though it wasnt rainy. the kids tromped through our unmaintained yard. i sat on the porch swing breathing in cooler, non suffocating air.

i thought about planting some new flowers in the beds. this picture reminds me i am a busy mother with busy kids.

the girls picked the barely blooming flowers. they always bring them to me. i love it when they do that. i feel special. loved.

i thought about where the perfect spot for our garden would be. i hope i chose the right spot.

going along with that, i tried to learn a little bit on square foot gardening. i am so excited and nervous about starting a garden. i do NOT have a green thumb. but i have to remember that i cant get any better if i don't try.i have grown up with the influence of gardening, my grandma is a master gardner and my mother always had a successful and large garden every year. my mother in law now is very knowledgeable about planting and has a beautiful garden herself. they have encouraged me and taught me a little about getting stared. i feel like i can be good at it and enjoy it if i give it a shot, we will see. i cant wait to get my hands in that dirt and show my children where squash and lettuce come from.

i thought about how i love having time with my kids. how lucky i am to be their mother and that i am able to stay at home with them. and no matter how hard mothering is, i am so glad i get to do it. everything i do is for them. they are joys. i am learning to savor every moment.

enjoy your monday.


{ashley b} said...

love the goulash pictures. and agree that it is a very fascinating word.
i'm laughing because your post covered most of my thoughts of the day.
funny how that happens sometimes.

tatum said...

You are the cutest thing! I am so glad to have you as a friend. I am so jealous of you starting a garden. How exciting! You will have to share some of your new knowledge with me.

Davis Family said...

Your girls are so cute and very fashionable in their goulashes! I love them!

jes said...

we also love the goulashes around here! breck especially:)
mothering certainly is wonderful. although it can be trying also! but worth it all.
i have a question for ya, how do you get your header to be long like that? the rectangle shape? i'm needing to spruce mine up a bit..