Monday, August 22, 2011

addie turns 6!

Addie turned 6.
it was an even year for her so that meant she got a friend party. she wanted a glam/makeover/spa party.
so like her. she is so girly. so i had some friends over to help me glam up the girls. they did the make up and hair and i did some glitter toes. they played wii dance and colored some hello kitty pages. then we opened presents and had a light picnic lunch in the living room with dessert. so sad i didnt get a picture of the dessert, but she chose to have tiny ice cream sundaes. it was really fun and low key. the girls were so well behaved and we all had a good time.

there were different kinds of sandwiches to choose from and strawberries.
addies portrait by beth allen.

goodie bags.

all of the guests... minus one.
it was sooo hard for her to choose the guests. she has so many friends. i had to cut her off at 10 people.

sarah, callie, taya, addie, vallery, cat, haylee, laycee, maria, and missing karsyn.

we love this gal a lot. we had a fun weekend celebrating her.
to be continued.


Beth said...

happy birthday Addie! You are such a sweet girl! I can't believe she is 6! Holy moly.

Your parties are so cute. I know what you mean about guests. You have to stop somewhere- it is hard to decide and that is when I leave it to them. :)