Tuesday, August 16, 2011

.the sound of silence.

im having mixed emotions about the girls being in school.

what i like:
: having a schedule.
: no fighting! with addie in school most of the day, there is hardly any fighting! pure bliss!
:  i can get a lot done!
: the excitement and happiness in my children's eyes when they get to go to school and when they accomplish and learn something new.
: did i mention no fighting and that it is quiet! huge.

what i dont like:
: being pressed for time in the morning.
: i miss my girls.
: i hate that saturday and sunday are the only days i really have with my kids.
: that my children are under everyone elses influence and i have no clue whats being said or done and cant do anything about it.

callie at the playplace

addie playing pretend in a box 
this change of schedules has stirred up our groove around here. but im sure we will get back to normal and all will be well.
today im not really sure what to do with myself. i have a lot i could and should do...cleaning, exercising, planning addies party, paint my scary looking nails, work on boutique products and so on.
but i really just want to sit, be still, breathe, read, and play.


Sarah said...

seriously my dear...i don't know how you do it all! I am sitting here sighing, cause I can't get it together. You always seem to be right on track with life. I miss you my dear friend!

BeauandEbenHolwick said...

Hey, I found your blog! You have beautiful kids. Your oldest looks so much like you:)