Wednesday, June 30, 2010

our potty break & some random things floating in my brain.

{ picture via mobile phone}

:::i am so relieved to be in here in the mountains. we took a little pit stop and soaked in the view. the air was fresh and smelled of rain and was approx. 62 degrees. heaven! i was telling mark on the phone today, i think my brain is mixed up. i am so happy when its cloudy and raining. i love bad weather, its great! and when i go back home, where its hot and sunny, im going to be grouchy again. usually people are happiest in the sunshine. not me. :)

:::my honey is meeting us today here at my parents house. cant wait to see his face. he has been away for work and i miss him.

::::we are going to meet the newest addition to my brothers family tonight and i cant wait!

::::i went to walmart today and saw about 100 people i know. that doesnt happen where i live. it kinda made me uncomfortable. i dont know if i liked it so much.

::::im off to get my wii dance on!
ta ta!

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I know what you mean about liking bad weather. I grew up around much cooler weather and its depressing having that many days of sunshine...sounds weird but I like things to get changed up once in awhile. Winter is the hardest here in the hot lands, I miss snow.

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I miss you Jess! I need you in my life. Enjoy the holiday and come back and play with me!