Thursday, July 8, 2010

i love get a ways.

i have so so much to share with you from our little (week long) trip. i was so not ready to come home yet. even though walker was crabby as heck the whole time from teething, and addie threw up and was sick for a day, it was the most wonderful trip. so relaxing and so fun!
i particularly enjoyed being outside without melting. it was a comfortable 75 degrees while we were there. why do i live in a desert?

back to life. back to reality. but i will sure enjoy showing and telling you all about our trip.



Chels said...

Cant wait! These photos are great! I love them. And we had a juniper tree growin up, the tree is oh, so familiar!

Tatum said...

Such a beautiful place! I'm glad you are home. I haven't seen you once this summer!