Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bruised, but beautiful

you see that bruise there, under her right eye?


lets take a closer look.


location of accident: at aunt lexis community pool, in the splash pad. (the best splash pad ever, i might add)
time of accident: aproximatly 4:30ish PM
other persons involved: sister callie
onlooker: me
what i saw:
the girls and i were having so much fun in the splash pad (yes, i joined the fun, we were the only ones there). the girls were trying to run through every ginormous fountain of water. they chose the same fountain and ran smack dab into one another. addies cheek smashed right into callies head. ouch. i thought she cracked her cheek bone at first because it was so loud.
the outcome: a big yellow bruise below her eye. she is telling everyone its make up.



still beautiful though. and there are those dimples once again. they get me every time.


Brianne said...

She is so gorgeous! I love those dimples!