Friday, July 16, 2010

callie is 3! :part 2:

we ventured out to the movie theater to see Dispicable Me. callie has wanted to see this movie sooooooo bad. she was excited! her little legs would not hold still in anticapation.



she loved it. next we headed off to the mall for more fun. the carousel was a must.
she wanted to ride the zebra, on the TOP level (this carousel is a double decker, so cool) , and addie wanted to ride the gorilla. both were lucky enough to snag them up.




next stop, the photobooth. i love the idea of making this a tradition at each birthday, to rock the
photobooth. it will be fun in years past to see the progression.

next up, CANDY STORE! she picked out whatever she wanted. she went straight for the gumballs. teeny tiny jaw breakers, gummy cherries and worms, & sweet tart fish were some of her other picks.

we played at the play place for a bit to end the day adventure.
our night was topped off with homemade pizzas, her favorite, and ben and jerrys ice cream.


it was such a great day and we had so much fun celebrating callie and all of the things she loves.

we are having a party at my moms next week to finish off the celebration. im so excited for the cake and presents and games and family and fun! :)


Chels said...

what a perfect day! You are one brave momma to take all 3 to a movie! I love the carousel pictures, and oh, the photo booth... so sweet. :)

Traci said...

What a great day! LOVE the picture idea!

Alice said...

What a great idea to have yearly pics in a photobooth... I may have to do the same when I have kids.

Looks like she had a wonderful day!