Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hot. not really any other way to describe the weather here. just hot.

we've had some humidity this past week along with 107 average degree weather. its a killer. i break away from the trapped indoors for a few minutes at a time. thats about all i can handle. walker likes it outside, he is cutting teeth and very few things make him happy these days. being outside and watching the leaves on the lemon tree are one of those few things.




we are planning to get into a pool today too cool off, im very much excited for that.
cant wait to tell the girls.


Chels said...

We love the City Pool BMAC. LOVE IT. My daughter has never had swimming lessons, but this year decided she really wanted to go down the big slide, so SHE DID. You cant wear a flotation device, so the little chickie swam! (we had worked a little with her, though not much!)
I adore the pic's of Walker. Poor man, mine is cutting teeth too. I feel your pain. It stinks.
Love your headband. You are stinkin adorable!

Swasey family said...

Its been really hott here in Utah this week too :( Don't u love when you are going to do something fun for your kids & how excited we get as moms to break the news to there happy faces?!