Friday, March 20, 2009


i have had a dry spell for sewing. havent done it in a long time. boy does it feel good though to create something. Addies little friend had a birthday so i made her this kidlet.
it is one of JCasas many free tutorials.
you can hang it on your little ones door.
fill it with books, toys, softies.
have them carry it around the house for quick clean up time. or take it in the car on long trips and
fill some car activities and goodies.
the front pocket is perfect for all their little
treasures or board books.

i want to make 2 for my girls to hang
at the end of the bed.:)


Julz said...

Wow!! that is so dang cute Hess! I'm telling ya you are a little talented bee. Miss ya

Beth said...

I love that fabric. it is adorable. And thanks so much for the little clip. I LOVE it. ;) WE'll have to try to get together this week or next.

Lexi said...

this is totally cute!

The Godoy's said...

ok..are you for real??? I want to be just like you!!!!!! That is such a cute little'll have to show me how you did it..I would love to make one for Evie!!! I love the fabric by the way!!!! way cute!!

Tatum said...

We LOVE it! You are so sweet and crafty! My flavor of friend!!