Saturday, July 16, 2011

callie turns 4!

callie turned 4 yesterday!

i can hardly believe it!
this girl is special to our family. it just wouldnt be the same without her. i adore her ( and all of my children ). i think she is the cutest callie i know. she lights up my world.
some things about callie:
first, she loves books! you all knew that i think. she cant get enough.
she loves the color blue right now.
she loves to paint.
she has sensitive soul and doesnt like getting in trouble.
she loves her sister and they giggle and fight alot.
she likes to dress herself.
she gets bloody noses often.
she doesnt like vegetables but loves green smoothies and strawberries are her fav fruit.
she is a wiggle worm!
i call her my little dove because she is so fair with such blonde hair.
she is in our family. ( addie typed this out)

we love you little dove!
happy birthday to you!