Tuesday, July 19, 2011

callies rainbow birthday party!

we hopped on the rainbow bandwagon. i just couldn't help myself with all of the fab rainbow ideas out there for parties. callie helped me pick things out, shop and make things. she was in love with it all! she just stood at the table and starred at all the rainbow goodness before the guests arrived.

bowls of gumballs, runts, bazooka gum, and skittles to scoop and put into the little bags that callie decorated.

chocolate covered mallows dipped in sprinkles.

rainbow slush. this was one of my favorite things about the party, close to the cupcakes. it was really fun!

i am a lover of rainbows now, do you blame me?!!!
i had so much fun with this party.


Traci said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE all of it! Those cupcakes are incredible looking. It seriously looks awesome. Way to go!

Beth said...

I love rainbows too! What a cute party! So good to see you today!

birdfam said...

Seriously so cute! What great ideas I just might have to steal ;)