Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i saw the sun rise.

i have a hard time with resolutions. im one of the people who, in the past, have set high goals for the year, and then totally forget about them come February. so..... this year, i have decided to make weekly goals, little ones. this weeks goal...... waking up at 6 am before the children. i did it awhile back and it lasted a week. but it was so nice. i was able to awake, get showered and dressed, check and respond to all emails and maybe get the dishwasher unloaded before the girls woke up. when they woke up, i was able to give them my full attention, we were able to get errands done in the morning and make it back home in time for lunch. so, im attempting again to wake up at 6 am every morning this week, and hopefully make it a habit. so far its been a bit bumpy. yesterday, i was so downright tired and crabby. today, the girls woke up at 6:20, giving me only 20 min. yesterday i opened up my bedroom window to watch the sun rise. it was beautiful. it was a quiet moment for me. and that moment gave me the motivation to keep this up! do any of you arise before your kids? how has it helped you? what do you like about it?

my little etsy name showed up here! check it out! (im such a proud mommy:))


Erin said...

Yay for your etsy shop!! That's great. Speaking of... I think I would like a custom headband from you. They are so cute!

You've inspired me by this post. I love when I'm up before everyone else in the house. I used to do that in college and just indulge myself in quiet time whether it be reading scriptures, or just a book, or eating my breakfast in peace. Early mornings are theraputic for me. HOWEVER, I usually sleep in until the last possible minute. For the rest of the week I'm going to wake up at 6 as well. Keep posting your weekly goals!! I'm thinkin I will like more of your ideas.

Ashley Harris said...

I have thought many times that I should just get up before the kids, but I never do it! I am SO not a morning person so I just don't have the motivation to get up on my own. However, I think I'll need to start getting up before the kids do once Kindergarten starts in August so I won't be an embarrassing mess at the bus stop!

Julz said...

I have been seriously contemplating getting up early too. However the fact that I am so not a morning person is really getting in the way. But the few times I have, it has really paid off. I am so proud of you! How exciting to have your product amongst such awesome stuff including one of my favorites "Anthropologie". I wish I had some kind of great talent to share with you so you could teach me all the wonderful things you know. Your so AWESOME!!! I am proud to call you my BFF :)

Swasey family said...

I have 2 sets of mulitiples..the boys are 3 & the babies are 4months old.Finding "you" time is hard to come by.I have thought about doing this as well, getting up early when my hubby leaves for work & do my scripture study & get my self ready.I plan to try this ASAP too.Keep up on your goals its kinda neat to set new ones for myself that way too.