Monday, January 18, 2010

a new week, a new goal.

mobile upload of Walker and mommy at the park

last weeks goal was a success. i woke up everyday, except saturday and sunday, at 6 am.
it felt great to achieve that goal!
this weeks goal.....
spend more quality time with my kids.
get on the ground with them, play, become a child myself. i've found that after i had Walker, there are a lot more demands around the house. more things are taking my attention away from my kids and i need to focus on them more often. they are so precious to me and i cant imagine life without them here with me.
so, ideas for the week...
go to the park more
take walks to the mailbox
make valentines
play games
have a planned family home evening
sit on the porch swing and talk
go to the craft store and pick out a kid friendly project
less tv and computer
more pondering, talking, singing, pretending, laughing, teaching, enjoying
cheers to a good week!


The Van Fam said...

sounds like a wonderful goal!!! have a fun week!!