Thursday, October 29, 2009

my labor story

Friday 7:30 pm
i sat down on the couch after putting the girls to bed. i started having contractions, which i normally had been having them at night when i let my body relax . so i didnt think much of it. they continued for a full hour and half and were less than 5 minutes apart. mark was pushing me that we needed to go to the hospital. but i was hesitant, not wanting them to send me home and it not being the real deal. finally, i gave in and we drove 30 min to the hospital.
9:00 pm
the nurse checked me and i was dialated to 5 cm. she put me on the monitors and we waited to see if i was progressing. all the while, im thinking, "this is so dumb, they are just going to send me home."
10:15 pm
the nurse had me walk the halls for 15 minutes. after which i was dialated to 6 cm. they decided to keep me. wow, this is the real deal, its going to be a long night!
12:00 am
i decided to get an epidural. i knew i would anyway, so i just wanted to get it before the pain got too bad.
1:00 am
epidural isnt working. nurses decided to give me a stronger boost.
2:00 am
i can still feel it! whats the problem?!
3:00 am
epidural still isnt working! we decide to redo it and get a second one. second one starts working right away, ahh relief.
4:00 am
im stuck at 7 cm, so they decide to start a pitocin drip.
try to get some rest, but cant. im too anxious and excited.
8:00 am
still dialated to 7 cm.
Dr. decides to break my water.
8:15 am
2nd epidural is wearing off. i can FEEL it!!! give me more and fast!
in pain, throw up, shaking, breathing, the worst pain ive ever felt.
9:30 am
they decide to give me a 1/2 dose of the epidural so im not in so much pain. but its nice, i can still feel pressure and when i need to push. lets get this baby out!
9:45 am
Dr. comes in. i start pushing.
10:02 am
our son is born!
they layed him on my chest and i was in love. i just stared at him. his nose, his puffy eyes. i put my finger in his hand and he held on tight. he had the highest pitch cry. he cried a lot. he was perfect. he was mine. my son. i soaked it all in. i looked at mark, he was teary eyed. mark kissed me. i just couldnt take my eyes off of that baby. that baby was inside me?! he is here!
it was an amazing experience. and i really cant wait to do it all over again.:)
we took him home monday morning. the girls were so excited. because of the flu going around, they weren't allowing kids into the hospital to visit. so coming home was amazing, all of us together, reunited.
addie just wanted to hold him, and never let go. callie kept asking where her (his) passy was, and insisted he needed it.

this is a classic. callie realizing the "doll" can move and makes noises. and addie wondering what in the world that black thing is on his belly button.

oh we love our little man, he is home and we are just loving him up.


Ashley Madsen said...

So happy for you! I love that picture of Mark holding him. Sweet picture.

Jess said...

He is so stinkin cute!!

Whitney said...

YAY! He's so precious! Why the HECK didn't your epidurals work? That STINKS! Congrats on the new bundle. LOVE the name! :)

Hatch Toyota said...

He is so beautiful! What do you think about having three? Is it harder or easier than two?

Taralee said...

oh the girls look so happy holding their new brother. i love his little outfit with the bear footies. so cute! :) have fun dressing a boy. i love it.

Caleb Keoni Wai Bo Young said...

Cute pictures! What a labor story! Glad it turned out well though! :)

Josh and Cori said...

He is so cute! Cognrats-I am glad you waited till your swine flu epidemic in your house was over to have him. I talked to your mom at stake conference and she said she was leaving the next day to go stay with you. How fun! Good luck with 3-honestly, i don't think it's that much harder-can be hard at times, but what are you gonna do? You have to suck it up and deal with it-enjoy the journey!

Kim and Tyson Family said...

He is so adorable! You made me scared and excited for January :) That is so sweet that your girls love him so much. My kids are so excited to meet their little brother too! He's so adorable.