Tuesday, November 30, 2010

smith/walker thanksgiving 2010

the day after thanksgiving we traveled up to payson to my grandma and grandpas house. my moms side of the family were gathering there and decided to have it the day after so everyone could make it. the food was delish! and it was so good to see everyone. im sad to say i didnt get pictures of everyone. i was enjoying the conversation and relaxation.  but here are some i did get.......

such good food!

papa wrestling walker. but lets be honest, if you just pick him up, you are wrestling him. he is a crazy kid.

callie sitting on mimis lap, looking at great mimis apron.

the next day, all the girls went to see Tangled in 3D. it was SO good. i think i was more excited than the girls to see it. they keep telling me to say "rapunzel, rapunzel! let down your hair!" then they proceed to fling their hair all around. it was a great time indeed.

i cant believe that Thanksgiving is over, but Christmas is right around the corner and in full swing at our house. our tree is up. the lights are up. the girls have a bitty tree in their room.
it is wonderful and cozy.


Chels said...

how fun! and how cute are you! I mean you are cute in style, then you are so cute to take your hoodlums to the movie. I love it!