Friday, November 12, 2010

park weather

we have finally hit cooler weather here in the desert. and that means, PARK TIME!
 we love going to the park and being outside. it is a highlight of our day.

this little lady has been mastering the monkey bars. she will do it over and over and over.

this other cute little gal of mine could swing till the sun went down.

and this little man of mine... he loves the slide. he will climb every stair to get to the tallest slide, lay on his belly and scoot his body, feet first, until he starts sliding down. without fail, he will have the biggest grin when he reaches the end .

my kids came into my room twice last night because they were cold, and i have been wearing a sweater and  slippers around the house. i even cooked dinner in my oven last night and my kitchen didnt  reach 100 degrees! now that is something to be happy about.


Davis Family said...

Yeah! I am loving the cooler weather and we have been hitting the park often too.