Tuesday, November 2, 2010

give me some luvs

walkers been giving me hugs recently. he wraps his arms all the way around my neck and gives a little squeeze. im determined to teach him to give me kisses before he gets too old and thinks its gross to kiss his mom. he has the lip smacking part down... now if i could just get him to plant one of those smacks right on my cheek, i would be in heaven.

those moments of physical love, when he wraps his little arms around me, those are the moments that make this life worth living.


Chels said...

that is so cute. love the photos.
rinnie learned to kiss. and she is a pucker-upper with a muuuaahhhh to go with it.
and my boy still loves to kiss me, and he is 4. I think boys always love to kiss their mommies. I get more kisses from my son in a day than you can imagine.

Fullerton Family said...

I love little baby hugs & kisses! (well, except for right now- Carson needs to learn how to NOT use his teeth to "kiss"!)