Sunday, January 18, 2009

country talk

we have a new equestrian center in our part of town.
basically, meaning we will be going to some rodeos this spring.
we went to the opening on saturday. we got our boots dirty, smelled bbq, watched horse races, and enjoyed the country life for awhile.

speaking of country, lets talk a little music. i am a fan of all kinds of music. all genres, all types. but you all know that country is at the top of the list. the Lady Antebellum cd has been on repeat in our van since Christmas(my gift to mark). i love them, my new favorite country band. you may know them by hearing this song on the radio(if you listen to country music that is).
my fav song on the cd right now(and for the past few weeks)
is run to you, their new single. o i love it.
if you like these songs, this is another favorite.
and if you are a fan, and like footage,
check here for their webisode wednesday.
mark, i run to you.


Lexi said...

Wow a rodeo! How fun. I love thr pictures of the girls. They look so cute! I love the nice sunny warm weather!

Lindsey said...

What great pictures! Love that top one of the girls on the fence. And what a fun thing to do. I definently need to get Dylan to a rodeo he eat, sleeps, and dreams about being a cowboy! You guys are such a cute family!

Andrea and Blake said...

my brother in law lives around the corner from that new place, we can't wait to visit! I love rodeos

tatum said...

What a fun day! I want to go sometime! Your family is so so cute!

The Godoy's said...

ok...where is this? How fun!!!!! I am so out of the loop!!