Wednesday, August 6, 2008


for the beauty,

for the night,

this was inside the resort. it was amazing!

for fun,

gotta wear the boots!

for the love of country music,

dressing room in the Grand Ole Opry.

120 years ago country stars sang at the Ryman Studio. They were soon forced to find somewhere else to sing, so the Grand Ole Opry was built. this circle of wood was cut out of the Ryman stage and placed in the Opry stage. Everyone from Elvis to Carrie Underwood has sang on that spot. anyone who is anybody in country music has sang on that circle. if you appreciate country music, you will know how cool that is. it was awesome!

we enjoyed our trip so much! it was amazing! so beautiful. so full of history, accents, bbq, southern hospitality, and so green!
Nashville star was pretty cool. it was neat to see what they do during commercials. it was seriously such a small audience. there were only 400 people at the show. they make it look huge in real life. it wasnt, at all! we were in the back and we could still see the peoples faces and expressions on the stage. so cool. other than the fact that i had to sit by a drunk lady, who stunk and was so loud and was tripping over everything!
we did so much on our whirlwind trip. we even had some time to drive around and look at houses. we want to move there so bad. it was everything we have always wanted in a place to live. we will see. for now, i am finally back with my kids. i missed them so much. going to go play with some play-doh.


Eric and Addie said...

Beautiful! Looks like a trip of a lifetime. We actually caught the last part of the show and I kept looking for you, but it seemed they only showed the family members that were in the audience. How fun!

The Weights said...

Such a fun trip! And the best part is that you guys got to go basically free! I am a big fan of anything free, it just seems to make it more special.

tatum said...

Yay!!! Looks like you had a wonderful second honeymoon! You two look so cute! But, you CAN'T move there!!! You probably want to more so, after returning to this heat! I have two doctors appointments tomorrow but I will for sure be there for lunch. I can't go a Thursday without my chick fil-a nuggets! Glad you are home!!!

Whitney said...

So fun! Mark and his winnings! That's hilarious!

Julz said...

Ahhh Man! now I am wishing we would have gone. It looks like you two had soo much fun. Andrew and I are deffinently going to have to make nashville a must see. Im glad you guys were able to see and do so much. luv ya.

andrea said...

How fun! I have a friend that moved here from nashville.....they loved it! I want to go someday. I love the first photo of your feet, very nice very nice :)

The Van Fam said...

Holy cow! your trip looks like so much fun!!! That is awesome that he won that and you got to take a little break from the kiddos! It looks so beautiful there! And by the way, I love you boots!

Ashley said...

Those pictures are so pretty! I'm so glad you guys had such a blast! It must have been a nice break to go somewhere totally different and have it just be you and Mark. I love the picture of you two together, it's adorable! Oh, and I really hope you don't move to Nashville!