Monday, August 18, 2008

the friends.... (the best pic i could get of all of them. :)

pizza, fruit, pink lemonade, cupcakes

silly kids with silly faces!

sun bathers,

the girls were so excited about a princess present! their expressions kill me!

happy birthday addie! we love you so much! you are so smart and make us laugh. i am so proud of you. you amaze me everyday at how bright and sweet you are. i love to cuddle with you when its just you and me at night before bedtime. i love that you love to read books and want to learn. i love your help in the kitchen and that you always want to help with the cooking and the cleaning! you are so creative and are always wanting to "do a craft." you make us so happy and i could not imagine life without you. when i look at your face, i wish i could take you to neverland so you could never grow up. then you would be my little girl forever!

a sad p.s.
I hate to spoil this fun post, but i just heard that the local blogger and loved by all, Stephanie Nielson , (aka Nie Nie) was in a private plane crash with her husband. Pray for her and her sweet family. i am so sad. i am glad they made it.


Jess said...

Peyton and I were so sad we couldn't make it. We got done just after 12:00... so sorry we missed it. Happy Birthday!!!

tatum said...

It was so fun! Addie is an absolute doll. Thanks for having us. Everything was delicious!

I am sick over the bad news of Nielson's! I am just in shock!

jes said...

how cute! she's a doll. so what day is her birthday, the 18th? breck's was friday.. crazy. we get married the same day and then our 1st are only a couple days apart!? how funny..

Ashley said...

Thanks for inviting us to your fun party! My kids had a blast and were already asking this afternoon if we could go play at Addie's house! They just LOVE her! Everything was so adorable and I loved all of those pictures! I'll have to send you the ones I took of Ethan and Addie, not nearly as perfect as your pictures but pretty adorable! Thanks again, it was so fun!

Lexi said...

Happy Birthday Addie! I can't believe she is 3 already. Time really does fly!

Julz said...

I am so sad we were not able to make it to the birthday party, it looked like it was alot of fun, and of course decorated extremely CUTE! Give Addie a big hug for us. Luv Ya. P.S. Oh and callie too, we can't leave her preciousness out.

Pottruffs said...

Happy Birthday Addie, I love all the pink. Such a girlie birthday party. Fun!

andrea said...

It looks like such a fun, girlie, party! Way to work with the summer heat and still make it cute and fun. We have the exact same blow up pool :)

That is so sad about the Nielson's...I never really read her blog but I did wonder what that button was on your sidebar. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. Hopefully they recover well, and get back to their kids. Do you know her?