Saturday, August 2, 2008

after nap sleepover

i walk into addies room.

me: "addie, what are you doing?"
addie: "having a sleepover!"
me: " what is a sleepover?"
addie: " i donno."
me: "what do you do at a sleepover?"
addie: "this!" (jumping up and down on her bed)

p.s. kick up yer boots, we leave tomorrow morning! talk to you soon! ta ta!


Andrea and Blake said...

what a great picture, you have such talent! I love toddler responses, they seem so grown up and just do things they've seen others do(cousins, friends, tv)! You wonder how they got SO smart! ADORABLE..

Lexi said...

so funny!!

Bethany said...

come on jess, let's be real here, it's kind of hard to read anything BUT braking dawn! j/k your girls are so cute!

Blain&Deedra said...

I love visiting your blog. You always have the cutest pictures and stories to tell. Hope you had fun on your getaway. We stayed at the Gaylord in Florida and LOVED it. Cracking up about the picture thing. Getting one picture where nobody is blurry is a HUGE accomplishment. Those girls are so dang cute. But with a mom like you they sure ought to be.

jes said...

so i totally copied your picture a day thing.. i hope you don't mind. i think it's such a cute idea.
i'm excited to hear about your trip! i wanted gabe to win, but i can't complain, i never vote!!
love all the pictures of your cute girlies!