Thursday, August 14, 2008

random thoughts of my day...

** yes, these are my daughters real baby blues with little editing. just alittle sharpening.
** i made this headband today to go with a new outfit of hers. i love it. i love the navy blue and green together. i have been waiting to find the right thing to make with the green floral fabric, and i think i found it. i was thinking it would be cute to make a patchwork scarf with the same fabrics!
** i so want fall to be here! i am tired of being hot and yucky. i want to cook in the oven and on the stove and not have my house heat up to 1 million degrees! and to go to the park. oh the park! how nice it will be!
** callie face planted it today at the mall. poor thing. i hope her teeth werent affected. it just looks like her gums to me. we will see as time passes i guess.
** i finally got my bathroom and floors cleaned. i have to clean things like bathrooms and floors and things like that when my kids are asleep. otherwise i have a 3 year old wanting to help and will sneak and pour comet all over the toilet and bathroom floor. so great. but its done and it feels good!
** i am kinda p.o.ed that gymnastics is on so late. i dont think i can stay awake.
** i wore two different flip flops to the store today, and didnt notice until i got home and took them off at the door! oh boy, i am scaring myself! :)
** have a good weekend for all of you whose weekend it is! :O)


Lexi said...

I love that headband! And Addies eye's are amazing. I haven't got to see any gymnastics this olympics. Our military channel is trying to show as much as they can, but all we have seen so far is beach volleyball lol.

Pottruffs said...

The headband is so cute. Sorry Callie about the fall, ouch, feel better. My son saw a commercial about the gymnastics and wants to do the rings and spring board. Might have to find a place around here that does that stuff. Don't wish for fall to early, I'm enjoying our summer. I know what AZ heat can be though, sorry about that. Lived in it too long. As for the flip flops, I would do the same thing if I have two pairs close to eachother. It's being a busy mom that does that to you. LOL I bet no one noticed.

Meagan said...

I hear you on the gymnastics thing.... I tried SOOO hard to stay awake to watch it, but I just couldn't. I think there are still a few more competitions left, hopefully we can catch those! :)