Monday, August 11, 2008

start the day off with a smile

this morning i woke up to addie asleep and snuggled in on marks side of the bed. mark wasn't there. i figured he was laying with callie on one of the other beds, she was up a lot last night. when i came down the stairs it was quiet. no one to be found. i heard the hose and looked outside.

i had to chuckle. mark was picking weeds and callie, bare bum and all, diaper in her hand, playing in the sprinkler! it made my day.
we all got dressed and headed over to the gym. we got the car washed. then headed over to target to do get some little things we needed, diapers, milk. everyone is taking a nap at the moment. then i am sure there will be more water play in the backyard. bbq for dinner and then watch more olympics tonight.
its our weekend!!!


Meagan said...

Too cute. I love that she is carrying around her diaper :)

jes said...

those are the cutest pictures! she's a doll! we're loving the olympics too! breck's turning into our own little gymnist (sp?) also!!

tatum said...

so funny! sounds like a lovely day. Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!!!

Dallas & Natalie Turley said...

Sounds like so much fun!! Cute little bum!!

Erin said...

Why can't my cellulite look that cute?