Sunday, August 31, 2008

sold for $270.00!!!

wow! my heart is full of joy! i am just so amazed at the generosity and willingness to help from all of you! it is wonderful! i am so grateful for this opportunity for service. boy it feels good, doesn't it!

jessicas mom (not my mom by the way :)), will be getting this lovely quilt in the mail! be sure to pay for the quilt here. remember to email me the paypal receipt( and i will send the quilt your way!

Thank you so much everyone! this was really fun!


andrea said...

Great job Jessica! I can't believe how well it did! It is way cute though, so I shouldn't be surprised, plus the great cause!

Erin said...

Good job Jessica! Seriously, I am amazed. Just thinking about how many other people did the same thing you did and how much money was raised is really fun to think about.

tatum said...

Wow! Awesome Jess! The quilt is beautiful and what a wonderful cause! You are so thoughtful and talented.

Ashley B said...

That's awesome Jessica! That quilt is beautiful, you should definitely be proud! What a nice thing!

Ask Rosezilla said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm helping calculate the total of the entire auction. I entered your result but if you could do me a favor and email when you get a confirmation? Thank you so much!!!