Saturday, January 10, 2009

learning to write the ABCs

we have been sick at our house for a week and a half. and still going strong. runny noses, multiple dr. visits, soar throats, bronchitis, ear infection, antibiotics, coughing, flem, throw up..... sigh. i am ready for it to be over. i have read the same library books over and over, and have seen the same library movies over and over. i was trying to get my hurting head to think of something to keep the girls occupied without too much energy needed on my part. so i put callie down for a nap, and i played school with addie. i was the teacher. today we learned how to write our ABCs.

we only made it to the letter C. but i enjoyed every second of it. i LOVE kids drawings, they way they draw a house or a person. every child's "person drawing" is different. i love the chicken scratch, the wobbly lines. the way they hold the long pencil in their little fingers. some stick out their tongue in that concentrated way.

this was about the most exciting thing that has happened in this sick house for awhile. hopefully we can get some rest tonight and get well. our house needs to be well again.
here's to a well tomorrow, pray.


Jess said...

Sorry to hear you are still sick. No fun!! When you get all healthy-- we need to get together!!

Anonymous said...

So cute :) Hope your family starts feeling better soon!

Julz said...

See even when you are sick you are the worlds best Mommy! I luv you Hess you are such an inspiration to me.

tatum said...

You are such a good and creative mom!

And that Miss Addie is a smarty!

Ashley said...

That's a sweet idea. How sad that you are all so sick! And a week and a half, that's a LONG time! When you're all well we need to get together. It's been too long!