Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ruby red ballet slippers

addie received these red ballet slippers
for Christmas
from her bud, Triston.
pretty much every girls dream,
to dance in real, RED ballet shoes!
and addie pointed out that her and Fancy Nancy match,

in addies words, now, shes stylin!


Eric and Addie said...

oh my goodness sakes!! i love her words that she is stylin. what a cutie, and yes what a dream come true for a little girl. red ballet slippers, to die for.

tatum said...

Oh her little legs are so tiny! She is so cute that she remembered that form Fancy Nancy!

Lindsey said...

How adorable! Aren't they so clever when they point out that stuff. She is adorable and those ballet shoes are too cute!

andrea said...

So cute! I love those little slippers, what an adorable gift!

Ashley Madsen said...

HOW FUN!!! I would have loved those as a little girl. And love Fancy Nancy... my niece and I read all of them.

Ashley said...

She's such a girlie girl - I love it!! So beautiful, I'd be amazed if you were ever able to convince her to take them off!

Beth said...

THose are adorable. I need to find some of those for my gals.

{ashley b} said...

how cute!
i got my purse at Kohls, but it looks almost exactly the same. I love love love yellow too. I can't believe so many people wont wear it. silly.