Friday, January 16, 2009

right now, this very moment

in comfy clothes.
after a long day at the
post office,
deciding what to make for dinner.
not wanting to fold the pile of laundry on the couch.
i am loving on my girls today.
not that i dont everyday, but today i just cant get enough.
they are so precious and beautiful to me. they are tender, sweet, irresistible.
i cant wait till tomorrow,
my husband took work off ,
what do you have planned for the weekend? do share.
toodle loo,
ps. i am ever so excited that nie is back. i have missed her o so.


Lexi said...

cute picture. Dave has off this weekend, only we have less exciting things planned... just cleaning the house for our upcoming inspection... boring!

Britney said...

Jess, I miss you! I want to move back to AZ so bad right now! We could go to Charlestons so often and craft together...:( I guess the distance from fam is getting harder with a little one on the way! hope you guys have a fun weekend!

Simply Eternal Photos said...

You're super cute. My weekend has consisted of photo shoots yesterday and football today. Go STEELERS! Fun weekend for us with friends.

{ashley b} said...

cute post. so this is pretty random but i'm pretty sure we have the same loverly yellow purse. :)