Friday, January 2, 2009

i am looking forward to a new year

some things i would like to do in the new year...... no pressure added. i am not one for resolutions. but i do like the idea of a new start, and new year to do things better, to change.
welcoming 2009:::::
cook more meals and introduce more new foods to my family
make my house a home
do more crafts with my kids
maybe have a baby, maybe
learn to knit
dont get discouraged
become organized, for real
video tape my children once a day
get to bed early, on a regular basis
become unafraid of the telephone
spend less, save more
make my family laugh
be a better wife
be a better mother
be a better friend
chill out (not let stuff bother me so much)
forgive and forget
plant a garden
play with my kids
do more, click, scroll, type less
find confidence
live each day
be happy


Pottruffs said...

those are great things to work on. most are what I need to work on too. being a better mom is top list and taking care of myself. I hope you do get to concur those goals.

Ashley Madsen said...

beautiful goals Jessica. I'm with you on some of those... even though I'm not a mom yet.

Lexi said...

such wonderful goals! we are moving so i made a list of things that i hope to get better at in our new house... first on the list, learn to sew lol.