Saturday, December 27, 2008

enjoying the winter wonderland

we played in the snow in mimi and papas backyard. there wasnt much snow, but it was fun and worth purchasing new snow attire.

i taught addie how to make a snow angel. she made a whole choir of them.

callie just wanted to be pulled around the yard on the sled. enjoying the outdoors, being outside, so content. until it was sisters turn.

my cousins son, Jacob, who is 5, hauled addie all around the yard, and he WANTED to! he was a good sport. they had so much fun together while we were there. they became great playmates.

i wore this hat when i was a wee one. i love it! when addie came out of my moms closet with it on, i squealed!

there was a little dirt hill next to my moms garden that was perfect for the kids to sled down. this is callies ride.....


and addies......


wish we lived where it snowed!


Lindsey said...

How pretty! Glad you guys are having a good time in winter wonderland, pictures are adorable.

tatum said...

So fun! Love the new snow attire. Looks like there is a lot of snow!

Jess said...

So much fun... next time i'm inviting myself to come with you!!

Pottruffs said...

Looks like lots of fun. What cuties.