Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas day was here

the kids woke up at six o clock. it was still dark out. the girls found treasures in their stockings. we waited for daddy to get home! addie was so excited to see chairs for her dolly. i wish i could download the video i took of them seeing the tree for the first time. priceless. i didnt bring my cord to the snowy mountains. darn.

the girls playing with their chairs. this was my favorite gift of theirs. :)

santa brought addie a "pee pee dolly". it was the only thing she asked for for Christmas.
(shhhh... i am trying really hard to like the pee pee dolly, but it is like having another kid that is potty training, not fun at all. the dumb thing peed and pooed peas all over my kitchen table!)

a good stack of books to expand our library.

callie was so upset the whole time. she wanted to rip every gift open one after the other. she even hid under the tree.
oh sweetheart,

i finished the dolls, what do ya know! i love how they turned out. my fav, their striped stockings. this is callies ( with the piggy tails) ,

and addies, with the short bob.

merry christmas!
ours was merry and bright!
wishing the same for you!

**** i am secretly ready to be done with Christmas. i am ready to take everything down. i am anxious to get to the gym, i ate too many sweets. welcoming the new year with open arms.
**** i did mention i am at my parents in Show Low, right? today we are trudging out in the snow. cant wait. winter wonderland pictures coming soon!


Pottruffs said...

Looks like a very special day for you all. Too bad there were some tears, but that does tend to happen. Beautiful little dolls you made. You're so talented.

Rayzzle said...

Jessica, your craftiness sickens me. You MADE dolls?? Oh my gosh, and they're beautiful!
Tell the fam hi. Did Jordan & Co. make it up there or were they prevented by the storm?
Merry Christmas :)

Meagan said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Your dolls are so adorable. Hope you have fun in the snow!

Lexi said...

Wow, you made so many great things! And i was excited about my bean bags lol. Have fun in the mountains and snow. It has been snowing here too. Oh I HATE it lol. It is too cold.

Lexi said...

p.s.- I love the books. I have to admit I only bought one this year, but I am currently downsizing our library, but I am sad to see all the lovely books you got for your girls, and we got only 1 :(

Beth said...

What a magical Christmas! Love the dolls, they are so so cute. Hope you have fun up in the mountains, that sounds awesome!