Friday, December 5, 2008

today it snowed..... glitter

my girls are asleep.
i am going to get my comfy clothes on.
i am going to listen to bing.
i am going to make chocolate chip cookies.
good night.
sleep tight.
dont let the bed bugs bite.


Lexi said...

Oh how fun! I looked for glitter the first year we were here for some projects, and what do you know... apparently Italian's don't use glitter because I tried like 4 different stores and nada. Glad you guys had fun even though you will be sweeping it off the floor for weeks lol

Ashley Madsen said...

I am LOVING your new header! Beautiful

Beth said...

that sounds delightful. and i love your new header, too. :)

Beth said...

as for the horses. . . they are very easy. I just cut out the shape of a horse head ( about an ince and a half bigger than I wanted it) and sewed it together. Then I stuffed it with plastic bags (like from target or something) and sewed on ears, button eyes, and embroidered mouth and nose. I had some fringe left over from halloween that I just sewed on for the mane, but I think that you could use a variety of things. . . yarn, lace, whatever. Then I got some sticks from the scrap pile at home depot (for like 50 cents each) and stuck it into the horse and staple-gunned the fabrinc to the bottom. I actually have some more pics on function loves form from a while back if you want to check it out. Plus, I'd answer any other questions that I may have left out. :) you could make them easy.

Julz said...

A la vi:) oh the sweet sound of silence. give your girlies a kiss for me, I love those two little angels. by the way, your bloom picture looks like it could be in an American Eagle magazine. Watch out here comes Jessica Higbee American Eagles new model;) Miss ya.