Monday, December 22, 2008

things on my mind, things to do, things going on

:::i have a lot on my mind right now. when i write things down i am put at ease and can relax a little. it is written, down so i dont have to worry that i will forget it. make sense?
:::mark just left with the girls to run errands. i am left with a quiet house to finish the wrapping, sewing, planning, decorating. ahhh, thank you mark.
::: i will updating my etsy shop with more earrings and necklaces soon. be on the lookout!! :)
:::addie has been doing a lot of pretend play recently. we got rid of our cable and it has been the best thing i could have ever done for her. she is busy, she has better naps, we are more calm, the house is more peaceful. her newest invisible friend is Mogley (off of the Jungle Book movie). she marries him everyday. he goes to work. i have to comb his hair, buckle him in the car, get him dressed, hand him crayons. i dont mind it. she is happy and using her mind instead of staring at a box all day. it is amazing how much transformed by just getting rid of the tv.
:::callie is changing everyday. she talks so much and never stops. you can tell she is so proud that she can say more words. she is so polite. she says thank you to everything i give her. everything. and i am going to brag, she is the most adorable, cutest little thing. i love the age she is at. love it.
:::i was able to get 10 full hours of sleep last night! you heard that right! i havent gone to sleep no earlier than 12 the last few days. it was a much needed slumber.
:::i am getting more and more excited for Christmas. now i am kicking myself that i didnt make a count down chain with addie, that i didnt put the garland on the stairs, that the stocking arent up, that i didnt do more holiday crafts with addie, that i never made goodies for our friends and family and so on and so on. i was in a blob kinda mood this last little while, now i am feeling the Christmas cheer.
:::more festivities will be recorded in the next few days.
happy planning, wrapping, baking, making, crafting, to everyone!


Beth said...

It helps me to write things down, also. ANd I am down with the tv thing. Kids don't need it! I LOVE the girls holiday dresses, the ribbon is so adorable. and I especially love the earrings. Thank you SO SO much. Merry Chrimstas!!

Jessica said...

Jess, you are so stinking crafty! I love it. We need to get together and have some serious sewing parties! Riley would love to play with Addie for a few hours. And maybe, just maybe Callie and Gage could keep each other entertained for a bit.

{Ashley B} said...

Ten hours! Way to go! Your girls sound like so much fun. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

tatum said...

You have hot lips.

Lexi said...

I am with you on the TV. we can only get 1 "family" channel so in the evening, it is not cartoons. We have a rule though, no TV until after 5 pm. It was the best rule we ever made becuase it keeps Haylee and Trent busy doing other things. Usually coloring or puzzles. They LOVE puzzles. And it is funny you mentioned the holidays. I was feeling a little off this christmas, but it has turned out to be one of the best ever!