Thursday, December 18, 2008

in my workshop

my lips are raw and chapped. i tend to bite them when i am nervous, stressed, in deep thought, anxious. i swore i would get my christmas shopping done with early this year, like in july! but as always, i am a procrastinator, and here i am. but,,,, i am almost done. one more item on the list. my sewing room is messy.

just one corner of the cluttered workshop,

silver and gold wrapping have just naturally become a theme.

sadly these are about the only handmade gifts this year, other than quilts, but still. i had my hopes hi that i would have the majority or christmas be handmade. o well. who am i kidding. i dont have that kind of time. but i am loving how these are turning out. i just need to get them DONE!

i was able to sneak out of the house yesterday with no children and take some pictures of my cousin, whitneys little family. they are so cute and little emily was such a good baby and never made a peep.

isnt she gorgeous! i know! they are such fun and good people.
now, i need to get my hands on those dolls.
ta ta.


Swasey family said...

I love those pictures!They are beautiful!If we lived closer I would have you do our family pics.

Lindsey said...

I know what you mean about the workshop... unfortunately mine has been like that all month. The dolls are adorable, you are sew talented! The pictures are gorgeous, what a cute little family!

Ashley Madsen said...

gorgeous Jessica!! Where did you take those?

Lexi said...

You took some AMAZING photos. I am not much of a handmade person, but I am going to try ISPY bean bags this year. I started them before we moved to ITaly for Trent, but now I plan on making them for Laycee. I just have to get to it

Taralee and Trace said...

Merry Christmas! :)

The pictures are beautiful, the dolls are precious, and you are not the only one that procrastinates. If only we had a little more time to do things we WANT to do...instead of cooking, cleaning, and giving our undivided attention to our little loved ones.

Ashley Madsen said...

I've been there! I was kind of thinking that's where you went. It's crazy they charge! I know tons of places that do! At least they say pay or get food! Yum.