Saturday, October 25, 2008

i cant think of anything clever to title this post

i have been on a downer for awhile. the last few days have been very challenging for me. so i decided it was a good day to physically find and capture things that give me that pitter patter in my heart. things that make my eyes smile.

her eyes, especially after a nap. what is it about the puffy, just napped eyes that i love so much?
fresh eggs from my sister in laws chickens. the different shades of neutral, the speckles. makes me feel like i am living a simpler life and a longing to live on a farm.
the morning sun bursting through a freshly drawn window onto a bed of messy sheets. i love it every time i see it. maybe that is why my bed never gets made. :)
one of these days i will be able to pick fruit from my own backyard.
a picture that addie "stickered" hanging on my pantry door.
and this shirt that has been hanging in my closet that i love so much,(because it is the perfect color of vintage yellow, and it has a bird on it) that i was able to fit into. this time it wasn't so snug around my middle. grin.


tatum said...

Don't be down... Your too cute for that crap!

You need to give yourself a break. chill-ax!

Anonymous said...

Cute post :)
With all that's happening around here, I need to do a "glad game" post!
I miss you! We will plan a get together when I go down there for Christmas :)

Erin said...

I totally get into slumps too! Sometimes life is just hard. I don't know what causes yours, but mine is... I don't talk to anyone all day long and then when my husband comes home he's tired and just wants to watch tv... I am horrible at comparing myself to others and wishing I had what they have, which makes me unhappy... oh, the list could go on and on! Just remember that slumps come and go. I hope you feel better soon.

Rayzzle said...

Yaaay! Good to be back in touch with you :)
Sarah...doesn't have anything but an email. Actually, she has a facebook but she doesn't use it. I'm really the only one in my family that does stuff online. And though they all have emails, I'm the only one who is any good at it. Sorry :/

andrea said...

Congrats on the shirt :) That is great! Don't be sad, I know how you feel though...I've been feeling a bit off lately too.

Lindsey said...

Jessica you are so cute... love all your pictures and the way you write about them.

I hope you start feeling better, you deserve it you are such a great person!

By the way... Dylan talks about Addie on a daily basis... "Where is Addie?" "Why is she with her mom?" Does Addie want to play?"

Take care girl~

Lexi said...

i have been down lately too and sometimes i think the simple things in life are just enough to pick us up... i long for so many of the things you already have, like a backyard to plant trees in... on day i suppose

{Ashley B} said...

i love puffy baby eyes too! hope your week gets cheery!