Saturday, October 11, 2008


today i locked myself in my computer/sewing room. i sat down at the computer and pulled up this talk. i was in need of some enlightenment, some strength. read it, you will too. :)


Erin said...

I really loved reading this tonight! Thanks for that reminder. When I first heard this talk I was about to have Ellie and I just didn't quite get it. Now the words seem so real to me as I think about how we spend our Sundays... roaming the halls of church trying to calm a fussing baby. :) I love being a mother so much, but it just isn't easy. Isn't it nice that we have wonderful leaders that inspire us and lift our spirits as we try to do our best at the hardest, yet most rewarding job we'll ever have!

Lexi said...

I used this talk in one of my talks about 2-3 months ago. Maybe it was in Relief Society or maybe sacrament. Cna't remember, but it is a good one.

{Ashley B} said...

Great! Do you just want to hold onto it until after the raffle? I think I will start it next week and end on tuesday or wed. Something like that.